LBI's Premiere Beach Bootcamp 

Ditch the Gym and Head to the Beach!

LBI Fit meets on the top of the dune on North 5th St beach in Surf City, Friday-Sunday mornings all summer long.  Bring a towel and bring water and prepare yourself for a fun, fat-burning workout on the beach!

Pre-sign up is NOT necessary.  All drop-ins are welcome!  Check out pricing here

Why LBI Fit?

You won't find the best mechanism for torching fat and getting lean/toned in a gym.  
You will find it on a beach.
Running and working out on soft sand blasts fat away at almost 2X the rate compared to working out on a normal surface. 
Sand is a dynamic surface that moves underneath you as you move on top of it.  This causes your body to recruit stabilizer muscles that would not normally be activated on a regular surface.  
In addition, soft sand is low-impact and easy on your joints. 
Get the most out of your workout by trying an LBI Fit beach bootcamp session. Book a session HERE.

What, Where, And When

-Workouts consist of multiple intervals that feature a combination of body weight exercises, calisthenics, explosive movements, yoga, and more!

-LBI Fit sessions take place on the beach, on North 5th St, in Surf City.

-Times: Friday-Sunday mornings at 8 and 9 am.  Additional morning times are available as well.  Just ask!


Our Address:

The Beach on North 5th St, Surf City



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