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Benefits of Walking Barefoot on Sand

According to the latest scientific studies, more and more research has given evidence that walking barefoot on the ground (dirt, grass, sand) has positive benefits on our bodies.

You see, all life on earth is comprised of electrical interactions. Our neurons send chemical electrical signals all over our bodies which control our movements and thoughts. When this electrical signaling gets interrupted our health begins deteriorate.

So how does walking barefoot on the sand relate to this issue?

Well, most of us spend our days walking in rubber insulated shoes indoors and the majority of time our bodies are never connected to the ground. When's the last time your feet were directly in contact with the surface of the earth?

Through out the day our bodies build up an excess of positive charge. This excess can be discharged by walking barefoot on the ground and connecting to earth's electromagnetic field.

Here are some of the benefits of "grounding" by walking barefoot:

-Regulates cortisol, your body’s main stress hormone (better regulation means you recover from stress quickly, instead of having feeling anxious long after the stressful event) [3]

-Neutralizes free radicals, which are highly reactive molecules that damage cells [4]

-Reduces inflammation [5]

-Reduces stress [6]

-Improves sleep [7]

-Reduces some risk factors of cardiovascular disease [8]

-Reduces pain [9]

-Shifts the body from the stressed fight-or-flight mode to the restorative rest-and-digest mode [10]

Does this sound woo woo or crazy to you? It might, but here are some proven studies performed by academy to back up these claims









So for the sake of your health, get outside this summer and connect with the ground. You will feel the positive effects on your well being.

Want to double up on your health and well being? If yes, then check out one of our LBI Fit workouts on the beach. Book HERE. Get some morning vitamin D in, grounding, and a good workout to start your day.

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