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Group Fitness Classes Vs. Personal Training

What’s better for you? The individual attention of a personal trainer or the team atmosphere of group training?

Well, this question all depends on your needs.

Some people who have been inactive for awhile that want to get back into fitness may want the full-on attention of a personal trainer. This ensures that they can get back into a fitness regimen safely and smartly. All of their questions can be answered right there on the spot as well.

Personal training sessions can be pricey though. Some trainers charge upwards of $100 per session and need a guaranteed number of sessions booked ahead of time. This can be over $1000 paid upfront; a significant amount of money to invest in something that may not pay off.

On the other hand, someone who is already active, but is tired of the monotony of hour long treadmill sessions maybe looking for something new and fun.

That’s where group fitness classes come in to play. Group fitness classes feature a small knit, team atmosphere that makes the workouts enjoyable.

Like many group fitness programs, LBI Fit incorporates intervals and HIIT (High intensity interval training) exercises into every workout. Interval training is fun. The exercises are high tempo, full body, and functional.

Besides the workouts, the environment is great too. LBI Fit group fitness sessions take place directly on the beach. You're in the sun and your feet are buried in the sand. Could there be a better environment? LBI Fit is definitely not your typical workout at your local gym!

If you’re interested in attending one of our sessions check out our schedule here or book a session here.

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