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Two of the Best, Proven Ways to Burn Fat

There is a lot of misconceptions about fat loss out there. We read fitness magazines, listen to workout gurus, and see what our favorite celebrities are doing to stay in shape.

To be honest, most of it is BS.

What makes me qualified or different? I'm not too sure. But I will answer that question by asking another question: When you burn fat, where does the fat go?

Most people respond that it lost via energy or heat, some say it's excreted as waste, and other's will say that it gets converted to muscle.

These are all incorrect answers.

The correct answer is that fat is excreted via the breath. (some is excreted via sweat and water)

To be honest, I don't hear this talked about at all from any of the gurus in the fitness industry. In fact, almost 50% of doctors and health practiioners answered this question wrong in this survey

Research has shown that performing cardio, before eating (i.e. "fasted cardio") is a great way to control your blood sugar. In this study there were three different groups. One of the groups exercised before they ate and then had a large breakfast afterward. This group gained almost no weight and contuied to burn additional calories afterward due to a bump in their metabolic rate.

Just make sure you do this in a smart way. If you plan on going to an LBI Fit bootcamp session, you may want to consider eating beforehand.

The second best way to lose fat is to perform strength training. When you undergo strength training, you increase your ability to drive sugar from your blood into your muscle. This results in less fat storage. Your insulin sensitivity is increased, upregulate sugar transporters to keep excess blood sugar from being converted into fat storage.

This is why at LBI Fit we don't just incorporate cardio into our workouts. Our sandbag strength workouts are some of our and our clients favorites! Feel free to stop by for a workout this weekend!

Sandbag thrusters

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