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Which LBI Gym should you Attend this Summer?

There are plenty of gyms in LBI to choose from, but should you even consider working out in a gym this summer?

Maybe not...

Recent studies have highlighted that there are alarmingly high levels of carcinogens in the air of the average gym/fitness center, as well as significant amounts of harmful bacteria on the surfaces of fitness equipment like treadmills and weight training machines.

Elevated levels of carbon dioxide, formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and particle pollution can be found in your average gym according to this article here.

This study also points out that the highest level of measured CO2 occurred in an indoor cycling room. CO2 isn’t going to be so toxic it kills you, but there are definitely deleterious effects from a high CO2 environment.

Check out this article here, to see some of the effects of CO2 toxicity (A.K.A hypercapnia).

During the summer months there is really no need to subject yourself to these unwanted toxins.

So get outside and move!

Don’t forget to stop by our LBI Fit beach bootcamp and grab an outdoor workout in the sun, sand, and on the beach!

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